Divorce Advocates in Delhi To Help You With Correct Divorce Procedure

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Divorce is a very delicate matter. Divorce is stated as the dissolution of marriage, and defined as the conclusion or termination of a marital union, or a marriage. As the world is developing and modernizing, so are the lives and thinking of the people. Nowadays, divorce has become a common thing. Why? Well, there are plenty of reasons why divorce is an ordinary matter in the contemporary. Be it adultery, domestic violence, or workaholism the rate of divorces has increased than ever before. Not only the rate of divorces has increased, but the laws to take a divorce have also changed from before.

Last month it was declared by the Supreme Court of India that it does not approve of the divorces granted by the Church Court anymore. The divorces conferred on by the Church Courts are no longer considered to be valid by the Apex Court, New Delhi. Hence, from now on if a person gets remarried after getting a divorce granted by the Church Court would be considered as guilty of committing the unlawful act of bigamy. Christian marriages and divorces in India are basically regulated by the Indian Christian Marriage Act of 1872, and Indian Divorce Act of 1869 respectively. And if your marriage is not working well, and you are looking forward to take a divorce, there are plenty of divorce advocates in Delhi who may help you throughout the entire process.

Increasing Rate of Divorces- How Divorce Advocates in Delhi Could Help You?

No wonder family dispute lawyers in Delhi will help in understanding and resolving all your problems and issues, let’s have a look at what are the major causes of divorces these days.

1. Divorces because of Adultery: Adultery is one of the biggest causes of divorces in the whole world. Around 27 percent of divorces happen because of infidelity or extramarital sex.

2. Divorces because of Domestic Violence: Another biggest reason of divorces is domestic violence. Around 17 percent of divorces in the whole world take place because of domestic violence.

3. Divorces because of Midlife Crisis: While the lifestyle of people has adversely changed these days, midlife crisis has risen as one of the significant reasons of divorces across the world. On an average, around 13 percent of the divorces in the world happen because of midlife crisis.

4. Divorces because of Addictions: Be it the addiction of alcohol or gambling around 6 percent of the world’s total divorces happen because of addictions.

5. Divorces because of Workaholism: As these days people give more importance to their career and work, their personal life have been effected in a very bad way. It is indeed an astonishing fact that 6 percent of the world’s total divorces take place because of Workaholism.

If you are looking forward to take a divorce, then you should consult a good legal advisor in Delhi. Divorce is a very important and life changing decision, hence you should take correct advice’s and solutions from family advocates in Delhi. There are numerous divorce lawyer firms in Delhi who are more than happy to help you. Marriage is not a game; therefore take your decisions wisely.

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