Most Important Qualities to Look in a Good Criminal Lawyer

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Crime and criminals, these words are not liked by lot of people and are avoided as much as it could be. Criminal Lawyers don’t do that as it is what they do. Best Criminal Advocates are difficult to find. A lawyer is an individual who fights to get justice for his client by not being biased. Client has to be completely honest with the lawyer as a patient has to be with a doctor. A lawyer is always going to try his best to get you the justice you want and deserve. Criminal lawyers are able to solve matters from various fields like Service, IPR registration, Civil, Family, Petitions, and other issues. Best Criminal Advocates needs to possess various qualities, few of them are.

Research Skills

This is an important feature for a criminal lawyer to have as the criminal cases are quite sensitive and a tiny piece of evidence can turn night into day.

Negotiating Skills

Most of the cases can be settled outside court very quickly only if the hired lawyer can negotiate at an expert level with the opposition for the beat deal.

Understands Police

A good lawyer is always good friends with the police and should be smart enough to get the information out from the police sources without their knowledge. This kind of information could be used by the lawyer to aid his client’s case.


This skill is a must for any lawyer. In courtroom the only person who will be heard by the judge and the entire crowd will be the lawyer, being a good speaker is requisite to be a lawyer.


This one is an obvious quality a lawyer must have. A lawyer should be on really good terms with his client and must care a great deal about his client.

Courtroom Demeanor

If a criminal lawyer is easily intimidated by judges or other lawyer, it may not be good for your case, as you need someone dynamic and fearless.

For criminal cases a lawyer needs to provide lot of his or her time and need a lot of focus. There are many lawyers in the country but Criminal Lawyers in Delhi are considered as one of the best in the country. Lex Oracle is a firm with good experience and are the pioneers in criminal law. So if you need a professional lawyer go ahead with Lex Oracle.


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